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Questioning Bricks

Questioning Bricks



Questioning Bricks

Recently I've had a crush on bricks. With regards to the architects of the 60’s, who certainly not wished for a interior like a sterile white cube, and therefore payed attention to textural surfaces, using bricks, slate, sisal etc. I wanted to investigate how bricks can be used as a component in furniture today.

The standard format is as well known as a piece of A4 paper. It appeals to me to form a furniture, based on prefabricated elements and standard formats. There is some obvious obstacles using this heavy, square material for furniture, I want to examine how, or if, to overcome these.

By combining blocks of bricks with mats of PUR, it is possible to make a flexible modular furniture system.

QB¹: L¹ 190 cm, H¹ 54 cm, H² 41 cm L² 190 cm, W 35 cm

QB²: H 47 cm L 36 cm, W 26 cm

QB¹ is made for and shown at the international design biennale RE F O R M18 at Munkeruphus June 6th–August 26th 2018. 

RE F O R M is a biannual exhibition space, a common ground and a movement for a new generation of designers, craftsmen, architects and artists challenging traditional ways of thinking — it is a free space to experiment in order to investigate and create new functions, expressions, ideas, processes, craft and technologies — it is a space for creating and debating.

Questioning Bricks is kindly supported by Egernsund Tegl and Danish Arts Foundation