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About this place


Studio in a small cabin

Studio in a small cabin



Elkeland is a visual studio, which resides in a silent sanctuary situated deep in the danish countryside. But also a way of falling into a reverie, and the consequences thereof.


I care for solitude and contemplation. Therefore I spend time in my secluded hut. Here I seek to produce visual objects for mental rest, and other peculiar items for unconventional homes.



The items derives from an ongoing engagement in visual work as curious and sensibel practice. Elkeland is dedicated to slow processes, simple compositions and honest materials.



About me

Photo by Anitta Behrendt

Photo by Anitta Behrendt


My name is Ida Elke Kallehave. I grew up in a home influenced by holistic ideas, in the countryside in the middle of nowhere. Played for hours in the long grass.

Previously I was working with spatial installations, video and conceptual arts, as I graduated as an visual artist from the Jutland Art Academy in 2007.

Introverted to my fingertips, and in search for a more immediate engagement with the aesthetics I founded Elkeland.

Continuously seeking to avoid predetermined boxes, I hope to let it evolve in a blurred area between object design, visual art, sensibility and concept.